Explore our range of specialty products,  from solutions designed to withstand extreme heat to rust reformers  that restore and protect surfaces, our selection features globally renowned brands like Rust-Oleum and Zinsser, ensuring exceptional quality and performance.

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Metal Effects
Our Metal Effects collection redefines possibilities, allowing ordinary metal surfaces to transcend into extraordinary works of beauty and sophistication. Whether you seek the rustic charm of aged patinas or the sleek allure of contemporary finishes, our Metal Effects range empowers you to craft striking, customized designs.
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Rust Remover
Our Rust Remover is engineered to eradicate rust from various surfaces, rejuvenating them to their original luster. Trust in our expertise to combat corrosion effectively and efficiently. With our Rust Remover, you can confidently restore and preserve the integrity of your valuable assets.
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Rust Oleum
Modern Masters
Rust Oleum High Heat

Dedicated technical service and support

You demand a lot from your suppliers, whether related to product performance or technical capabilities. At Dyno our goal is to consistently exceed customer expectations with service and support built on our expertise and leadership in the industry.
All of our technical staff are accredited and comply with the following international standards:
National Association of Corrosion Engineers
The Association for Materials Protection and Performance
Swedish Institute for Standards