Dyno Pro Red Oxide Primer P-2200


Metal primer formulated from red oxide and alkyd resin provides excellent protection against corrosion and all sorts of pollution. Adhesion strength between topcoat and underlying surface is enhanced. Not only that, the primer also delivers flaking resistance, long-lasting application and pleasing appearance. Any tasks including maintenance, construction and more are suitable.


  • Delivers corrosion resistance and quick-drying property.
  • Made of alkyd resin for excellent coverage and adhesion strength
  • Resists any conditions of environment and prolongs service life of metal surface.

Product Usage

  • Intended for application on metal surfaces

Product Tips

  • For correct use, please read the instruction manuals thoroughly.
  • Surface must be cleaned and dried prior to application.


  • Use of protective equipment and clothing is highly recommended for safety purpose.
  • Rinse with clean water and seek for medical attention immediately if any irritations are displayed.
  • Keep in dry and well-ventilated area instead of areas exposed to dampness and heat and keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not modify or misuse the product.
  • Once opened, please use it all at once.
  • Do not use with non-standard equipment or incompatible tools.